Current Edition – 2020–Vol I

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Featured Articles

The New Age Cowgirl

When you think of a Texas cowgirl, you probably think about a graceful female loping on her beautiful horse as they cover open pastures. While there is nothing wrong with that image, it doesn’t fit Bree Worthington Clay’s life as a cowgirl.

Bree grew up in a rodeo family. The heritage goes so far back she doesn’t even know how everyone in her family got into the sport, but she does know she wouldn’t have asked for any other life. “My dad rodeoed and had bucking stock. My grandad was a pro rodeo rider and my great, great aunt, Jackie Worthington, was all around cowgirl and is in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame,” she said.

“I was always at a rodeo and saw someone trick riding and began taking lessons at age five and by age 10 I had my PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Associations) Pro card and was ready to perform.” A Pro card is a permit earned by cowboys and cowgirls that allows them to compete at the PRCA level and she went on to obtain her PRCA Gold card, meaning she had over two decades of experience in the field.

After she spent decades in (and out) of her saddle as she went all over the country trick riding, Bree had an opportunity to move her saddle to a different kind of four-legged animal.

Eighteen years ago, a family friend surprised Bree with a three-day old buffalo, weighing roughly 40 pounds. Knowing how much she loved animals, he saw this an opportunity for Bree to train something besides a horse–and she did just that.

“I had just got back from performing at a wild west show and was given this tiny thing to care for,” Bree recalled. “It was such a shock. It wasn’t something I had hinted at or knew I wanted at the time.”

A Movement Worth Sitting For

In Texas, a picnic table is a common household item; a necessity for backyard barbeques, summer afternoons enjoying the sun and for hosting large gatherings. While the picnic table that Kristin Schell purchased was to be initially used for all the above purposes, she had something totally different in mind when the delivery truck unloaded the picnic table.

Having already sensed the longing for slower paced moments that were welcoming to those around her, Kristin, an Austin, Texas resident, knew that she was to place her picnic table, which she painted turquoise, in the front yard and wait for neighbors to walk by so that conversations and friendships could form. She ended up spending her free moments and mornings at the table with her coffee and something to keep her busy, like her laptop, a book or the Bible, as she waited for neighbors to pass by.

What followed was community.

Neighbors started joining her and bringing their friends and relationships took root, neighborhood children used the table to complete their homework and many cups of lemonade have been sold by her children and the neighbors from the same picnic table that was originally meant to live in the backyard.

Now, turquoise tables are in all fifty states and 14 countries, encouraging neighborhood relationships and providing an opportunity to step away from busy schedules and enjoy the sweet moments of life.

Not all tables will be a picnic table, but the heart behind each remains-a table conveniently located for gathering neighbors and allowing relationships to form. Parker County is proud to be a place where The Turquoise Table® is embraced and implemented.

Until They All Have Homes

The message at Weatherford Whiskers is simple but powerful.

“Until they all have homes.”

Whiskers specializes in helping cats find a home, particularly those that are at high risk from local shelters. They also help feral cats through a Trap/Neuter/Release Program, assist in the local Barn Cat Program, and more.

In short, if a cat is in need of help, Whiskers is there to lend a hand.

Carole Malugani, founder and president of Weatherford Whiskers, started the all-volunteer program in May of 2017. A year later they signed the lease on their facility at 807 E. Park Ave. in Weatherford.

Carole started Whiskers after she volunteered at the Weatherford Animal Shelter and realized cats weren’t getting adopted as often as dogs.

“It was very hard to see the cats in the cages and get them adopted. People want to see whatever animal they are thinking of adopting,” she said. “The cats would turn away because they were scared. There would be large dogs barking in the other cages, and the cats were trying to hide.

“Here, they are free roaming. A lot of kids come in and play with them. The kids have fun, the cats and kittens enjoy it. They can get to know each other a little bit.”

Awesomeness. Joy. Community. Myser Orthodontics

Orthodontists aren’t supposed to be fun – are they?

Yet the offices of Dr.’s Scott Myser and Elisabeth Barnhart certainly seem to be an exception. Located both in Aledo and Willow Park, Myser Orthodontics and their staff of over 15 Clinical Assistants, Treatment Coordinators, Patient Concierges and Directors have proven the exception to the rule.

These two clinics rock and exude awesomeness, joy and community.

Want proof? How many businesses today do you know that only sport 5-star reviews? Currently 45 of them. These aren’t ordinary reviews – these are rave reviews.

Oh, and these are two smart doctors. Suma cum Laude, tops in their class, honors plus all the advanced education and certifications one could imagine. Quality orthodontics is one of those medical skills that you can’t afford to have just anyone do. You need the best; you need a specialist. Fortunately, in Aledo, Willow Park, Weatherford, Brock, Hudson Oaks, Fort Worth, Annetta North, Annetta South, Benbrook, Cresson, Azle, Granbury and the surrounding area, you have just such a exceptional team ready, willing and joyfully able to help you and your children – Myser Orthodontics.