Current Edition – 2019 Vol. III

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Featured Articles

Celebrating Heritage

Cool weather and the scent of wood smoke drifting through sunshine beckons families to explore the annual Pioneer Heritage Festival. Each October the sight of green foliage turning red to gold, and the sounds of old-time music lure families to the Doss Heritage and Culture Center for a day of family educational fun.

Amanda Edwards, Director of Museum Affairs, recently shared her excitement about the annual event. “When I was a child, my mom would take my brothers and me to our local county museum’s annual celebration. It brought history to life in a way that no book ever could, and I fell in love with history. When we started conceptualizing the idea for the Pioneer Heritage Festival, I wanted to bring history to life as I experienced it as a child. Watching kids come to the festival the first year and learn to stamp leather, weave baskets, and play pioneer games was rewarding. Now we are hosting an annual event. By having this free festival, I hope our future generations will fall in love with history too.”

In 2019, the Doss partnered with Weatherford College to have the festival kick off Pioneer Week during the college’s 150th Anniversary. The festival is a one-day event that invites people to come to the Doss and celebrate the community’s pioneer heritage.

Duty and Sacrifice

In May 1967, eleven-year-old Roy Knight III said he distinctly remembers the last day of school at Millsap.  “I felt free, summer was here,” he said. That same day he went on an overnight fishing trip with several men in his family.  Sometime during the night Roy was awakened and told to “get dressed, he had to go home”.

“I was a little confused at first, I didn’t know what was going on,” Roy said. “They told me not to go in the room and disturb my grandfather, so I suspected that he may have passed away in the night.”

As he neared his home, he noticed that all the lights were on at the house and there were cars everywhere. The Air Force Chaplin and Casualty Affairs Officer had already come and gone, and now the small town of Millsap was doing what small towns do in a crisis, coming together. Once home, Roy was informed that his father’s, Colonel (then Major) Roy A. Knight Jr.’s, airplane had been ‘shot down’ and that he was ‘Missing in Action’.”

“In my mind, my dad was superman so I guess I just thought this would be fine.  Dad will be okay; he can get out of this.”

WCS Lions–One Campus


In August of 2001, 59 eager PreKindergarten-5th grade students stepped foot onto the tiny campus of Weatherford Christian School. Eager to learn reading, writing, and math, but even more excited knowing they would get to learn about God and praise Him through Bible class and chapel.

No one could have been more excited than Mr. Jerry Ponder and Mr. Jim Bob Measures. Mr. Ponder felt a calling from God to retire from Lockheed Martin and open a Christian school in Weatherford. Mr. Measures, a longtime local businessman and entrepreneur who had also recently retired, joined alongside him to bring this vision to reality.

With the gifting of a few vacant buildings from the South Main Church of Christ (SMCOC), WCS began to take shape. As the years passed, walls were built, buildings added, and there were even times when students would walk across to SMCOC to have class or walk over to the old bank building owned by SMCOC to use open space for a class.

In early 2007, WCS was gifted a section of land in town across from Bill Wright Elementary School, but over time it was realized that this location was not the most optimal location for the school. After selling that land, WCS purchased 80 acres west of town at 2300 Ranger Highway.