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Current Edition – Holiday 2017

Parker County Lifestyle Magazine is published quarterly and distributed throughout Weatherford, Hudson Oaks, Willow Park and Aledo. We produce each edition with exceptional quality and content to become long-lasting, coffee table-quality magazines.

The magazine is printed on high quality thick paper stock to give it a better feel and increased thickness. The spine of each publication is perfect-bound to resemble a book, and to hold together for many years to come. The covers are UV tinted to withstand exposure and maintain a quality our readers have come to expect.

Editions of each publication are proudly displayed throughout businesses, professional waiting rooms and state legislative offices around the area. Being area-specific, the content within the pages of each publication is sure not to become dated or out of style. Residents have stated that each edition is a legacy, holding information about its people and events that one can reflect on and show for years to come.

We would like to say Thank You for all those who’ve made Parker County LifeStyles possible.  We look forward to bringing you many more editions for years to come.  Please let us know if you have any article suggestions, or have an event you’d like featured in the pages.

Featured Articles

O Christmas Tree, Kids’ Edition

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are thy branches… It’s that time of year where all the crafting supplies come out so our littles can help add a little magic to our Christmas trees. Whether it be a classroom craft, mommy & me event, church gathering, or you’re just looking to have a little fun without the huge mess, Parker County LifeStyle has you covered. These ornament tutorials are simple, cute and a wonderful way to enjoy some stress-free holiday fun.

Coaching for Christ

The persistent investments of Coach Tim Buchanan, both on and off the field, helped set Billy Mathis on his path of influencing other young athletes — first in his hometown of Aledo under the direction of his coach and mentor, and now as the head football coach and assistant athletics director for the Weatherford Kangaroos.

It’s an exciting move for Mathis, who not only enjoys teaching players the game, but also helping draw out the best in each person and preparing them for life off the field.

“When you have that relationship with them and that bond with the players, when you’re there for the absolute best, those kids will do anything for you,” Mathis said. “It was the same for me and it’s the same for my coaches.”

Mathis said he has known that coaching was his calling since first beginning in that role, but it took leaving the role and journeying through the oil fields for him to fully settle into the career that he credits as God’s plan for his life.

Best Interest at Heart

Current information is the key when making decisions about health related issues. The medical field is changing all the time towards new and better procedures, medications and preventative measures. With a growing community such as Weatherford comes new and different concerns that need to be addressed from a medical perspective. There are many different ways to gather knowledge. For reliable information, what better place to attain details about health and wellness than from the specialist at the local hospital?

Natalie Parish, Director of Public and Community Relations for Medical City Weatherford, formerly known as Weatherford Regional Medical Center, understands that women’s issues are very important. “Women make a lot of the decisions for the whole family. We want to give them the tools to make good decisions,” Natalie said. “We empower them with a whole range of topics.” Having good mentors and examples to follow is important and once a year, an inspirational, strong woman is invited so speak.

Raising Arrows Together

The happy news of a growing family followed by gifts galore. Cute, cuddly, chubby cheeks and coos. First steps, first words and first day of school. Birthday parties, trips to the zoo and the excitement of Christmas morning. Raising children has so many memorable moments that are blessings to the proud parents. However, this is not reality one hundred percent of the time. Accompanying these wonderful moments is anxiety for the + or -, morning sickness, sleep deprivation, colic, possible postpartum depression, overwhelmed schedules and, yes, loneliness. Sometimes moms even wonder if they are even making a difference at all when there are piles of laundry and dirty dishes from three days ago. Sometimes taking a shower is a challenge.

In 2012, several women at Willow Park Baptist Church recognized the trying times and struggles of mothers in their congregation and decided to create a ministry to bolster women in the season of motherhood. Ashley Aaron, who has four children herself, is the ministry director for Raising Arrows based on Psalm 127:3-5, “[Children], like arrows in the hand of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” They help women trying to conceive, expectant women, adopting moms, moms with multiple children and women dealing with miscarriages. The team celebrates, comforts and supports women in the first exciting and difficult year of their baby’s life.