Current Edition – 2019 Vol. I

Parker County Lifestyle Magazine is published quarterly and distributed throughout Weatherford, Hudson Oaks, Willow Park and Aledo. We produce each edition with exceptional quality and content to become long-lasting, coffee table-quality magazines.

The magazine is printed on high quality thick paper stock to give it a better feel and increased thickness. The spine of each publication is perfect-bound to resemble a book, and to hold together for many years to come. The covers are UV tinted to withstand exposure and maintain a quality our readers have come to expect.

Editions of each publication are proudly displayed throughout businesses, professional waiting rooms and state legislative offices around the area. Being area-specific, the content within the pages of each publication is sure not to become dated or out of style. Residents have stated that each edition is a legacy, holding information about its people and events that one can reflect on and show for years to come.

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Featured Articles

Fulfilling a Dream and Serving a Greater Purpose

There are times when work and pleasure combine and for one Aledo resident, this is one of those times. Dr. Cynthia Robbins has delivered babies and been around children for over 30 years in the medical field. When she isn’t working, she is writing. She has always spent her breaks at the hospital writing notes and stories and loves to read, so when she wanted to combine these two interests and publish children’s book, it was a natural fit for her. It was also natural for her husband, Bobby, who serves as her illustrator for each book as he is a graphic designer and an artist.

“My husband encouraged me to write children’s books and so in February of 2018 we self-published our first book and ten months later our second book was released, and we have more in the pipe line,” Dr. Robbins said. “I talk about subjects that are important to parents and interesting to kids. My stories have value in them as they focus on life choices and lessons for kids and then Bobby makes them so cute with his illustrations.”

October Hill: Bringing Jumpers Back

Driving on a winding road through a rural neighborhood, a bend in the road reveals a stately white barn set in a peaceful, pastoral setting. October Hill Farm, every horse lover’s dream, is a reality for sisters Wendy Gerrish and Erin Davis Heineking, a reality achieved by hard work, determination and dedication.

Growing up in Fort Worth, the girls share many happy memories spending weekends and summers riding horses on their family’s home place. They participated in the Old Chisholm Trail Days, the Texas Sesquicentennial, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Parades, Grand Entries and various other western cultural events.

While attending pony camps during summers spent in New England, the sisters learned to ride English style. When Wendy started high school, she and Erin, who is seven years younger, moved from eventing into the hunter/jumper world. Erin accelerated quickly in the sport and by 18 was doing Young Riders, which is an upper level rider development series for riders under 21 years old. Wendy stayed in the hunter ring, where she was ranked in the top ten nationally for two years.

Intentionally Kind

In a society where the idea of self is now more glorified than ever, individuals find themselves more concerned with the idea of take vs. give. It is due to this newly accustomed self-obsessed nature that an element of surprise is attached to each “random act of kindness.” However, the thing about random acts of kindness is that they are in no way “random” at all.

Kindness is intentional, unbiased, unexpecting of a response, completely pure of motive—just like the kindness displayed throughout the New Testament, that Jesus kind of love.

With an understanding that we are all called to love as we have been loved, Greenwood Baptist Church has dedicated themselves to ensuring that love is displayed not only within the church but throughout the community, sometimes using out of the box methods.

“We ask the question, ‘If Jesus was here today serving, what would that look like?’” explains GBC Outreach Pastor Austin Cooper. “He served people by washing feet, we serve people by washing toilets.”

The Whole Child

Across Weatherford ISD, the faculty and staff are focused on and dedicated to teaching the “whole” child and not just narrowing in on academics only during the school days. The results? Positive behavior, students filled with pride and parents noticing a difference.

“This year we have made an investment into the social and emotional learning of our students and in doing so, it was very important to have a curriculum that could be easily implemented throughout the district and at all grade levels,” Trisha Perkins, Elementary Intervention Counselor at Weatherford ISD, said. “If we aren’t helping our students to develop their social and emotional understanding and skills, then it makes it really hard for them to be able to focus on and understand academics. We realized that if we can help their social and emotional development, then the academics can more easily come into play. It allows us to address the whole child and not just part of the child (the academics).”