Current Edition – 2019 Vol. I

Parker County Lifestyle Magazine is published quarterly and distributed throughout Weatherford, Hudson Oaks, Willow Park and Aledo. We produce each edition with exceptional quality and content to become long-lasting, coffee table-quality magazines.

The magazine is printed on high quality thick paper stock to give it a better feel and increased thickness. The spine of each publication is perfect-bound to resemble a book, and to hold together for many years to come. The covers are UV tinted to withstand exposure and maintain a quality our readers have come to expect.

Editions of each publication are proudly displayed throughout businesses, professional waiting rooms and state legislative offices around the area. Being area-specific, the content within the pages of each publication is sure not to become dated or out of style. Residents have stated that each edition is a legacy, holding information about its people and events that one can reflect on and show for years to come.

We would like to say Thank You for all those who’ve made Parker County LifeStyles possible.  We look forward to bringing you many more editions for years to come.  Please let us know if you have any article suggestions, or have an event you’d like featured in the pages.

Featured Articles

A Lesson in God’s Timing

There was something very special about that glow on his face…Cobey Bixler is a recent high school graduate who has never completed one semester of college. A few moments spent with this former high school athlete, however, quickly reveal another figurative educational accomplishment of his—a hard-earned advanced degree in God’s timing. For the most part, Cobey Bixler is like any 18-year-old who has navigated the rigors of high school, has graduated, and is now positioning himself to earn a college degree. Where Cobey’s story departs from most others in his age group is an inspiring tale of faith, hope, and perseverance. Cobey is the personification of Romans 8:28, that duly-noted scripture from the Bible that reminds us that all things work together for good when we love God and pursue His purpose for us.

Parker County Sheriff’s Posse

There’s a lot more to the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse than rodeo, though they are proud to be known for putting on some of the finest small-town rodeos in America – and they have awards to prove it. Over 72 years, however, the organization has become known as one of strength, dignity, and a group the community can call on anytime. And when it comes to western heritage, no one does it better. “It was formed to promote western heritage,” captain and 30-year member, Jamie French, said. The PCSP began humbly with 13 members getting together after the formation of an idea from rancher, J.Y. Crum, and supported by local manufacturer, Roger Williams. That original roster was formed from their inaugural meeting on January 13, 1947, and included, along with Crum and Williams, Aaron Hays, Fletcher Dalton, Walker Good, Marsh Farmer, Forest Lindsay, Dave Hudson, Frank McEntire, Cullin Robinson, Tom B. Saunders, Lloyd Smith, and L.T. Wood. High Sheriff John F. Young was an honorary member, as has been every sheriff since, with the exception of some who were actual members before being elected sheriff.

Growing Friendships

As a child, the easiest concept to understand and practice is kindness. When we are young, the world is GOOD. The world is calm, free of overbearing pride, and full of simple solutions. As adulthood accelerates closer and closer, these simple concepts are overshadowed by responsibilities, strong personalities, social protocol and expectations. Kindness, having been so natural before, has now become an afterthought for the “how can I serve my needs” mentality omnipresent in today’s world. Understanding that kindness is just as important now, if not more than ever, one group of ladies has dedicated their time and resources throughout their community and surrounding areas in hopes to uplift and benefit others.
Despite their title, the Millsap Neighborhood Home and Garden Club, ironically enough has nothing do with gardening. “We often have people come up to us and say ‘I would join but I don’t like to garden’,” states Vice-President Dianna French. “We explain to them, we don’t grow flowers, we grow friendships.”